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JULIE A. WALTER , President

Julie A. Walter CSR, CRR, RPR

Since graduating from Portland’s College of Legal Arts in 1983, Julie has pursued a career distinguished with professional excellence. She joined the predecessor firm to Beovich, Walter & Friend in 1986. Today, Julie owns the firm. She continues to take reporting assignments and manage the firm with all of its responsibilities.

Her three-decade career in court reporting includes a number of professional milestones. Julie is a CSR (Certified Shorthand Reporter) in Oregon and Washington. She is an RPR (Registered Professional Reporter), a nationally recognized certification awarded by the National Court Reporters Association, and a Certified Realtime Reporter. The CRR is a sought-after credential that proves her speed and accuracy as a court reporter is top-notch.


She is in demand by clients for her outstanding instantaneous realtime service, a state-of-the-art skill that enables attorneys and their expert witnesses to view testimony as it’s given, in real time, on their laptop screens or portable electronic devices. Clients of the firm know the whole spectrum of up-to-the-minute transcript services is available from Julie, including same-day rough draft transcripts on demand, expedited delivery, and daily copy.

Volunteering is another hallmark of Julie Walter’s professional life. She has served on the board of the National Network Reporting Company and given of her time to the court reporters’ association in Oregon and the National Court Reporters Association. She is recognized as a major donor to the National Court Reporters Foundation, the professional grants and education foundation of NCRA.

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