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About Us

Beovich Walter & Friend Certified Court Reporters has been a name familiar to the Pacific Northwest legal community since 1957. We take pride in our decades of service to the bench and bar, and we work every day to live up to the stellar reputation we’ve earned in those years. No other reporting firm has been in Oregon longer.

We provide the legal community we serve with the highest quality service available anywhere.

Court reporters 

We promote excellence in our court reporters. We insist on the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics, and we engage in a program of continuing professional education that keeps us fully credentialed and up to date.


We know the business and we know who’s in the business. We are locally focused but nationally connected. We can meet your needs anywhere.

Customer Service Access

Our staff is focused on client service. We are ready to assist you at any time. Our interactive website is available 24/7, meaning you have access to your case information whenever you need it.

Quality of service is our priority. We take care to assign the right reporter to each job, and reassign the same reporter and videographer to ongoing cases to ensure quality and familiarity with our clients and their cases.

Julie Walter, the principal of the firm, joined Charlene Beovich and her firm in the 1980s. Julie and is a credentialed professional. Read more about her here.

Host a Remote Deposition

Keep the course of law moving while keeping everyone safe at home with a remote deposition.

The Qualities of an Experienced Court Reporting Firm




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