Beovich, Walter & Friend (BWF) is pleased to announce their page on frequently asked questions about legal videography. When booking a legal videography service, many people aren’t certain about what the service actually entails. On this page that guesswork is eliminated. Attorneys and paralegals can learn how legal videography can really impact their case.

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Here, readers can learn…

  • Why they should record a deposition
  • How it is used in trial
  • If deposition videographers are certified
  • If the recorded video can be used instead of live testimony
  • How a witness should prepare for the video deposition, and
  • What deposition synchronizing is

This page allows attorneys to go into their legal videography service knowing exactly what to expect from the process, which helps put them at ease. At Beovich, Walter & Friend, we pride ourselves in giving clients the information they need to book a service with confidence.

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“I have worked with Beovich, Walter & Friend for several years,” one client says. “They are professional, efficient, reliable, very accommodating and detail oriented. They have assisted me on cases ranging from simple to very complex without fail. I highly recommend their services.”

To schedule your legal videography service, fill out the form. If you have any other questions about legal videography, court reporting, remote depositions, or any other one of our services contact us today.