Credit: Hertz Herson

Beovich, Walter and Friend (BWF) is pleased to announce some of the easiest tips attorneys and paralegals can take to make their court reporter’s job easier. Court reporters play a major part in the success of a client’s case due to their ability to provide thorough, accurate transcripts. However, problems arise in every deposition that can make a court reporter’s job more difficult. If the problems are substantial enough, it can cause a delay in the delivery of a transcript.

Help avoid these problems by making things clearer for your court reporter over all. With our page of tips, you can learn the three easiest ways to make your court reporter’s– and in turn, your own– job easier. These tips include:

Make Your Daily To-Do List Manageable by Organizing It Into These ...

  • Providing a list of key words and phrases
  • Clearly enunciating
  • Using complete words, not inarticulate sounds,

The page provides readers further insight into how to execute these tips in order to save yourself, and your court reporter, time. A speedy court reporter makes for a case that flows more smoothly. Our court reporters are timely, efficient, and among the most accurate in the business. For over 60 years, our staff has made a positive impact on cases across the Pacific Northwest.

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