Credit: Healthy Travel Blog

For many, travel is one of the most pain-staking aspects of one’s job. It is time consuming, expensive, and at times uncomfortable. For busy legal professionals and Portland court reporters who constantly travel across the state and even the country for work, they dread the inevitable pains that come with getting on a plane or a long drive.

But there are ways to make travel bearable. This New York Times article lists a few great ways to make travel easier. Here are just a few of those tips to incorporate on your next trip.

Bring a portable charger

At many airports, open outlets are difficult to locate. Charging one’s phone in a car outlet might do the trick for some, but when you start pulling up GPS maps they might not be good enough. One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to bring a portable charger. You can purchase a simple one at your local drug store, or run to the electronic store for a heavy-duty alternative with multiple outlets, flashlights, and more. Charge them beforehand by plugging them in at home or plugging into your computer. Some of the more expensive options are even solar.

Purchase noise-canceling headphones

Regular earbuds and headphones don’t do what noise-canceling headphones can do for the weary traveler. These headphones drown out airplane noise (and screaiming children) the moment you put them on. Completely block them out with music or your favorite television show. Noise-canceling headphones are also great for getting better sleep in your hotel by canceling the unfamiliar sounds that may keep you up at night.

Wear an Eye Mask

Eye masks keep things dark and comfortable so you can sleep longer. This is especially valuable for light sleepers in new locations, in a new timezone, or simply on a flight.

To find out some more travel tips, visit the New York Times.