Depositions are a great resource for legal professionals.They allow attorneys to gather a complete profile of facts and testimonies to produce the most effective case possible. But during a global pandemic, bringing a legal team together in the same room seems frightening.

Attorneys don’t have to lose this aspect of the legal process. At Beovich, Walter & Friend, we offer remote depositions— a solution to your legal needs. With our top-tier technology and secure servers, attorneys can connect with their legal teams virtually. But how do they hold up to in-person depositions?

To say the least, quite well! Remote depositions function the exact same way as in-person depositions, just virtually. You can still enlist the help of a court reporter or other litigation professional to make your case complete. That being said, there are a few preparation steps you must keep in mind if you want to hold a virtual deposition.

Visit our page on remote depositions versus in-person depositions to learn more about preparing for remote depositions and in-person depositions. Compare and contrast these steps to better figure out if a remote deposition is right for you.

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