As with many cases where regional and federal governments have two different stances on the same issue, there comes the question of is it still legal or not?¬†Since the summer of 2015, weed has become a legal substance in the state of Oregon. However, the possession of weed is still considered a crime by our federal government. Now with recent crackdowns on other types of loosely-enforced legislation, Oregon politicians and users are concerned that a similar scrutiny will be placed on those who legally partake in this substance within the Oregon state borders. In order to protect the rights of its citizens, the bi-partisan Oregon marijuana committee has proposed a new bill (Bill 863) to protect the names, birthdates, driver’s license numbers and/or any other identifying information of Oregon users should a federal crackdown occur. Having passed in the state senate, the bill is on its way to the state House for further consideration. For more on the story, look to KATU 2.