Providing clients fully itemized invoices seems like something that should be a no-brainer, but many attorneys find it isn’t. Sometimes, when an attorney books a service with a litigation support firm, they are shocked when they finally get the bill. Fees for things they did not think would cost extra– or cost any money– are slapped on their bill, demanding payment. Suddenly, the service the attorney budgeted for costs far more than they expected.

Attorneys never have to worry about that when they book a litigation support service with Beovich, Walter & Friend. We pride ourselves in offering clients completely transparent, fully itemized invoices. The cost of all our services is totally upfront, so attorneys know exactly what they’re getting when they contact us to schedule a service.

“Thank you, BWF Reporters, for always providing a fully itemized invoice!” one of our clients says. “Unlike other firms which I have used, I know that I will never receive products I didn’t order nor be billed for hidden charges. You are to be commended for your openness and your commitment to high ethical standards. And, thank you for always being available on short notice.”

For more information on our billing, or on any of our court reporting services, contact us today.