While understanding what information needs to be included in a deposition is not rocket science, for some people it is a struggle to decipher. Some court reporting firms want different pieces of information before they can accept a case, causing confusion for potential clients.

When a client books a service with Beovich, Walter & Friend, they don’t have to worry about whether or not they are sending the correct information to their court reporters, because we offer a deposition scheduling checklist. This one-page PDF is concise and easy to understand, making scheduling with your favorite Portland court reporters a breeze. Everything they need to know is in one place.

To schedule a service with Beovich, Walter & Friend, you should provide:

• Your Name
• Attorney’s Name
• Date of Deposition
• Time of Deposition
• Location of Deposition
• Expected Length of Deposition
• Phone Number
• Email

We understand that some cases may require different things, and we welcome that. Also provide us your list of special requests, which could include any combination of the following:

• Conference Room
• Telephone Deposition
• Videoconferencing
• Videographer
• Real Time
• Expedited Transcript

At Beovich, Walter & Friend, we want nothing more than to help our clients produce a successful case. To schedule a service, fill out our contact form.