Over the past few decades, legal video has grown to be a crucial service for every litigation support firm. Attorneys can utilize the service in any step– from filming a deposition, to research during discovery, to trial.

An equally important, but often forgotten about, aspect of the legal video process is the editing phase– namely, video synchronization. Video synchronization is the process of lining up the video from a legal proceedings with the transcript so the transcript appears as captions on the screen. An attorney doesn’t necessarily need to include video synchronization when they book a legal video service, but it is a vastly important service that should be included.

To make the “why” clearer, we developed a page of information on the video synchronization process. The quick and concise page illustrates what video synchronization is, why it is important, and how it can make a positive impact on your case. Give it a read for more information on the crucial service.

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