Credit: encaselegal

Court reporters are essential to a successful case, but some may not realize just how important a court reporter is until their case is lacking one. Audio of legal proceedings can be difficult to hear or discern who said what– a problem you won’t realize until the legal proceedings are complete. Court reporters are able to type over 200 words per minute at a 97 percent accuracy rate, ensuring that you will have everything you need, right when you need it.

Without a court reporter, attorneys won’t have:

  • All the details of their case in one location
  • An accurate, unbiased record of the legal proceedings
  • A transcript that clearly articulates who said what, exactly how it was said.

At Beovich, Walter & Friend, we do everything in your power to make your job easier. We take into account your needs so your transcript is delivered to you in the format of your choice exactly when you need it. Expedited transcripts get your transcript to you even more quickly.

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