The No-Stress Way to Book Your Court Reporter

Attorneys are impossibly busy. They have clients to please, legal teams to put together, and sometimes, entire firms to run. Even with paralegals by their side, they still have a massive amount of work to do. So much, at times, that stepping away from a task to make a phone call in order to schedule a litigation support service is utterly daunting. Multi-tasking is key.

At Beovich, Walter, & Friend, we understand that struggle. We know just how hard our clients work to make deadlines, and we strive to make that work easier every step of the way– even step one. That is why we offer an online, mobile-friendly booking engine.

Our booking engine is the quick, efficient way to schedule a reporting service. Attorneys and paralegals don’t have to take extra time out of their day to contact us. Our scheduling form is easy to comprehend, and easy to use. All we need from potential clients is contact information, case information, and which service (or services) they require. Just like that, your litigation support service with BWF is scheduled.

The form is so simple that, if necessary, one could be on a business call and schedule a service on their desktop at the same time. It is mobile compatible, so no matter location or time of day, an attorney can book our Portland court reporters. In line for coffee? A service can be scheduled by the time they leave the shop. Watching a television show at home and suddenly remembering you needed to book a court reporter? No problem, the form can be accessed any time of day or night. So long as internet access is available, a service can be scheduled.

A Plethora Of Litigation Services At Your Fingertips!

24/7 Scheduling

With 24 hour scheduling 7 days a week, we provide the litigation support you need anytime, anywhere!

Conference Rooms

Our luxurious and convenient conference rooms equipped with video conferencing technology, perfect for your next deposition!

Online Repository

Our website provides document repository services that enable easy access to case material 24/7 from anywhere in the world!

Transparent Billing

We provide itemized invoices and transparent billing for all our clients so they know what each service costs!

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