Areas of Practice: Copyright Law





Areas of Practice: Copyright Law

Beovich, Walter, & Friend offers its expert court reporting and litigation support services for copyright cases. For creatives in particular, this area of practice is essential to protecting whatever it is they have produced. When attorneys are forming a legal team, they need each member to be familiar with all the nuances that come with the area of practice.

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Our team of reporters, videographers, and court reporting professionals combine to form an impressive legal team for authors or artists looking for exclusive rights to their work. With years of experience, our court reporters will help attorneys and their clients create a winning case.

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Portland is home to a vast number of creative individuals who work across a variety of mediums. It is crucial that each of them understand and do what they can to protect their work. Whether you require a court reporter, videographer, or other legal support professional, our staff is more than happy to help.

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Beovich, Walter, & Friend have not only worked a multitude of successful cases across the greater Portland area, but across the entire state of Oregon and the country. The professionals at BWF will be there to provide the assistance an attorney or paralegal needs, even in last-minute scenarios. Our 60 years of experience as a hardworking, timely, and accurate firm that cares about its clients makes us one of the top court reporting firms in the country.

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