What are the differences between court reporting and transcription services?

In principle, many people think court reporting and transcription services are one in the same, but they they serve two very different purposes. Learn more about both services below.

Court reporting

Court reporting is the process of recording exactly what was said, as it is said, during a legal proceeding. Court reporters are certified and highly educated, which allows them to capture around 280 words a minute with an accuracy rate of over 97.5%. They ensure court proceedings go smoothly to capture an accurate transcript the first time. Following the proceedings, they translate the transcript from shorthand into “real English” for the client to use as they please.

Benefits of Realtime Court Reporting | Trials | Litigation | Hearings

Your court reporter can:

  • Pause proceedings for clarification
  • Create a clean transcript the first time
  • Keep up with legal proceedings
  • Deliver your transcript precisely when you need it

Transcription Services

A transcription service can only occur after a legal proceeding (so long as the client recorded video/audio of the proceeding). The transcriptionist listens to the recording and records what was said. This is a great resource for attorneys who did not hire a court reporter, but wishes they had a transcript after the fact.

Legal Transcription – VIQ, formerly known as Transcription Express

Transcriptionists can:

  • Record legal proceedings after their conclusion
  • Record a transcript of other business meetings
  • Provide a transcript to sync up to your video

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