Finding the Best Court Reporters in Portland

A Higher Standard for Court Reporters

Court reporters play huge role in the outcome of cases worldwide. Attorneys need the most accurate transcript possible in order to have a solid case behind them. When booking a court reporting professionals, attorneys and paralegals should schedule a professional whose skills fall under the same standards of efficiency and accuracy as Beovich, Walter & Friend. These key standards of reporting can truly make a case:

Certified Court Reporters

In the United States, all court reporters are certified by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Through the NCRA, reporters can garner a number of certifications– from Registered Professional Reporting Certification to Certified Realtime Reporting Certification. A certification with the NCRA allows court reporters to practice in their state of choice. Certified professionals will:

  • Have an RPR certification, be able to type 200 words per minute.
  • Be skilled in proofreading, editing, and research.
  • Be confident and accurate in your work, while also being respectful and easy to work with.
  • Represent themselves professionally with appropriate dress.

Top-Tier Transcripts

Accurate transcripts make all the difference in a case. These notes serve as analytical tools for attorneys, as well as judges, when making final decisions with how to proceed. These transcripts should:

  • Meet the transcript format set by their state.
  • Be delivered on time.
  • Should be as concise and accurate as possible.
  • Court professionals should be open about scheduling policies and make prompt deliveries to stay on schedule.

Offer Complete Litigation Support

It doesn’t cut it to simply be a court reporting firm anymore. It has become the standard for court reporting firms to offer a full range of litigation services, as it allows clients to book any number of services from the professionals they trust. These firms should:

  • Offer multi-media presentations, legal video services, interpreting services, and short-notice availability.
  • Provide deposition and conference suites.
  • Have on-site technicians to make sure all systems in use are properly synced.
  • Provide a client login and allow 24/7 access to the client’s data and records.
  • Use CAT programs to transfer transcripts to the litigation team in the proper format.

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