Make Your Remote Deposition a Success!

Given our current global health crisis, remote depositions are taking the legal world by storm. They serve the same purpose of in-person depositions, but there are certain things attorneys, their legal teams, and their witnesses should prepare for in order to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Preparation will help reduce your witness’ anxiety, identify any tics (such as fidgeting) that a witness may have, guarantee a consistent testimony, clarify the deponent’s role in the case, and provide information on handling exhibits.

Before Your Deposition Starts…

  • Inform everyone involved (including your witnesses) that you want to conduct a deposition via videoconference. Some laws require everyone to agree to a remote deposition before it can occur.
  • Contact your Portland court reporter and inform them that the deposition will occur remotely so they can set up the videoconference.
  • Email any and all exhibits/documents to all parties before the deposition.
  • Remember to say on record that the deposition will be conducted remotely by videoconference, and that the oath will be administered remotely as well.

Technical Tips

  • Make sure you have a device with a good built-in webcam and microphone, or a quality external webcam and microphone.
  • Ensure that your internet can support a video call so to avoid interruptions.
  • Close excess browser windows and programs– another thing that could cause lag in your stream.
  • Bonus tip! If your audio test reveals problems, you can call into the videoconference with the telephone number provided by the videoconferencing platform.

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