Hyperlinked Exhibits and Synchronized Video

Our nearly 60-year tradition of providing quality transcripts and exemplary service is only the beginning. Your legal services needs have become more diverse, and our offerings have evolved to meet those needs. By listening to our many satisfied clients through the years and keeping current on the latest innovations in litigation support technology, we are proud to offer you the most comprehensive choices available in reporting services and products.

Clean Formatting With All of the Information

Here are BWF we have the ability to scan your exhibits and create hyperlinks to them in your transcript. Simply open the electronic transcript, click the reference to the exhibit as it appears in the testimony, and search for what you need. In addition, we can add these multimedia, hyperlinked exhibits to your trial presentation for maximum effect.

Synchronized Voice-to-Text Videos

Our experienced videographers record your event and produce it in a full-service video studio. Select our video/transcript synchronization service, and they will mesh the video and/or exhibits with the transcript. Our easy-to-use format is suitable for effective research and for importing into any case management or trial presentation software.

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