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Half a Century of Excellence

Our nearly 60-year tradition of providing quality transcripts and exemplary service is only the beginning.  Your legal needs have become more diverse, and our services have evolved to meet those needs .By listening to our many satisfied clients through the years and keeping up-to-date on the latest innovations in litigation support, we are proud to offer you the most comprehensive choices available in reporting services and products.

Instant Worldwide Access

With the world more interconnected than ever before, it is important to use the latest and greatest communication technologies to our advantage. By providing internet access, BWF is able to establish key services like an online repository, electronic transcripts, videoconferencing, and realtime feeds streamed to the device of your choice. Come to use with your streaming needs, and you will experience a high-quality connection every time.

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Our Portland, Oregon Office

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Our Portland, Oregon Office

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The Importance of Fully Itemized Invoices

The Importance of Fully Itemized Invoices

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