Do I Really Need a Court Reporter?

The presence of a court reporter can make or break your case. Without a court reporter, details can easily get lost in as short a time-span as the deposition to your office. No one’s memory is perfect. Even if you did enlist the help of a recording device, it can be difficult to discern what exactly was said, and by who.

A court reporter takes away that uncertainty. At Beovich, Walter & Friend, our top-tier Portland court reporters have been trained to get the most accurate transcript in your hands in as little time as possible. With typing speeds over 200 words per minute, our reporters are able to document who said what, saving you the confusion. When you’re conflicted about what exactly the opposing counsel’s witness said, you have an easy to read transcript to answer any and all of your questions.

Our transcripts can be delivered electronically or in person, whichever you prefer. If you chose an expedited transcript, you could have that transcript in your hands as quickly as the following morning. Our staff is dedicated to making your job as easy as possible, because we understand how difficult the world of law really is.

Do yourself a favor: make your next deposition or trial far easier by scheduling a court reporter through Beovich, Walter & Friend.


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