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There are few places that can provide attorney’s the legal resources they need quite like the Multnomah Bar Association. For more than 100 years, the bar has made it its mission to improve the justice system and provide access to services that strengthen one’s professionalism, satisfaction and success. It doesn’t matter if one is an attorney, court reporter, or student– anyone can find valuable information through the bar’s many resources.

One of the best ways to provide one’s clients the best service in the business is to stay up to date with the latest in the industry. The Multnomah Bar Association’s newsletter is a great way to do just that. The Multnomah Lawyer is a timely, well-read source for all practicing professionals in the Portland metropolitan region legal community. Here, readers can learn about changes in the industry, job listings, and other important events.

In case one misses something in a previous edition, the archive is available for all readers to access and read at any point.


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