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Legal Resources for the Portland, Oregon Area

By citing helpful legal resources and by reporting on recent Portland, Oregon legal news, we at Beovich, Walter and Friend are committed to our cause of providing the legal community with complete access to current legal trends. Because our nation’s laws and politics are apt to change, the best way to handle a case will also change. Therefore, having a litigation support team that is aware of recent legal happenings and knowledgeable on local legal infrastructure is vital when preparing a winning case.

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Resources for Court Reporters, Paralegals and Attorneys

Our New Resources Page

Beovich, Walter & Friend is proud to publish a variety of resources for attorneys and court reporting professionals in Portland and across Oregon. Our new page includes an FAQ, a scheduling checklist and much more. View it here.

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Intro to the Deposition

Understanding the basics of a deposition in Portland, Oregon can streamline the discovery phase and ensure a positive outcome for you and your client.

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