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The Five Qualities of an Experienced Court Reporting Firm

Court reporting has long been a source of tactical strength for legal professionals who pride themselves on winning cases. With quality court reporting firms now offering an array of full litigation support services, finding a decent and professional firm has never been more important. Before starting a working relationship with any court reporting firm, take the time to ensure that they follow some of the same quality standards and services we provide here at Beovich, Walter & Friend Certified Court Reporters. 

1. Professional Court Reporters

We at BWF Reporters have both realtime and traditional court reporters available 24/7 to provide reliable realtime reporting services and accurate transcripts. Our reporters hold state and national speed and accuracy tests for precision and maximum efficiency, ensuring our clients they are getting the best in the business!

2. Scheduling and Support Resources

With 24/7 scheduling available both online and over the phone, we are able to provide court reporting and litigation service at a moment’s notice. Our website also offers a 24/7 file repository so that you are able to access important documents on the go. We offer expert services with last-minute schedulings across the state of Oregon!

3. Complete Array of Litigation Services

From concept to completion, we at BWF Reporters offer full litigation support that includes providing in-house videographers, video streaming, multi-media trial presentation, exhibit linking, equipment rentals, video depositions, informational videos, and more.

4. Conference Suites and Technological Support

We at BWF Reporters pride ourselves on our technological experience and ingenuity. Our offices provide conference suites with video conferencing enabled to make meetings and discussions over distant locations more feasible by reducing travel times and working within standard budgets.

5. Our National Coverage with NNRC: 24/7 Mobile Bookings!

BWF Reporters is a member of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), the largest directory of national court reporters in North America! Our national coverage includes partner firms providing all services with bookings available 24/7 on any smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world!

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