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Secure Online Access to All Your Documents!

Secure Online Access

Our secure online access of documents and records keep important trial and case records safe and available when an attorney’s team needs them. At Beovich, Walter, & Friend, we provide private attorney logins as a courtesy and convenience for our clients. Having access to your documents with any internet connection across the world 24/7 facilitates the execution of a winning case. The centralization of your records helps your team (and ours) stay on top of all the developments of your case. 

Your Portland, Oregon Court Reporting Team

For real time court reporters, videography, and other trial support services, Beovich, Walter & Friend provides the latest advances in technology and services to maintain a smooth and professional resolution of a winning case. Our clients in the Portland area, the Pacific Northwest, and across the country count on us to live up to our 60 year-old reputation for excellence. 

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Our Portland, Oregon Office

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Our Portland, Oregon Office

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Beovich, Walter & Friend is pleased to announce our page of Oregon link resources. Previously, we culminated shorter lists of resources for legal professionals to turn. They are quick, easy to digest reads that provide readers with niche information like bar...

The Importance of Fully Itemized Invoices

The Importance of Fully Itemized Invoices

Providing clients fully itemized invoices seems like something that should be a no-brainer, but many attorneys find it isn't. Sometimes, when an attorney books a service with a litigation support firm, they are shocked when they finally get the bill. Fees for things...