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Our nearly 60-year tradition of providing quality transcripts and exemplary service is only the beginning.  Your legal services needs have become more diverse, and our offerings have evolved to meet those needs.By listening to our many satisfied clients through the years and keeping current on the latest innovations in litigation support, we are proud to offer you the most comprehensive choices available in reporting services and products. 

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Court Reporting

No matter how large or small your case, how simple or complex your needs, you can count on Beovich, Walter & Friend Certified Court Reporters to provide you with the most complete court reporting services available anywhere.

Secure Online Access and Our Repository

Log on to our website at your convenience.  Get up-to-date total case information, schedule reporters, videographers and conference rooms, view your current schedule and make changes as necessary.  With a simple click on our electronic case-based repository,  you can download transcripts, exhibits, invoices and account balances at any time.

National and International Coverage

We know the business and we know who’s in the business.  Schedule your out-of-area depositions with our knowledgeable staff. We take care of all the arrangements, including the selection of qualified court reporters and/or videographers.  We’ll find a site for you if you need one, negotiate a fair price, and deliver it to you as you expect.

Hyperlinked Exhibits

We’ll scan your exhibits and create hyperlinks to them in your transcript. Simply open the electronic transcript, click the reference to the exhibit as it appears in the testimony, and search for what you need.


Connect to witnesses or other parties to your case with broadcast quality, interactive picture and sound. Our well-trained staff makes all of the arrangements for a local site and connection to a distant site or multiple sites. Head and shoulders above the telephonic deposition, the proceedings can be videotaped for future use while eliminating the inconvenience and expense of travel. Our clients have also found videoconferencing a useful tool for arbitrations, conferences, trial testimony, interviews, and meetings.

Fast Delivery with Notebooks, Netbooks, iPads, Mobile Phones

Nobody delivers like we do.  Our reporters will provide instant draft transcripts, or fast delivery of your certified final transcript.  We can send it to you in realtime in the deposition room, on our devices or yours, or stream it across the country to your expert’s computer or mobile phone.

Synchronized Videography

Our experienced videographers record your event and produce it in a full-service video studio. Select our video/transcript synchronization service, meshing the video and/or exhibits with the transcript.  It’s an easy-to-use format suitable for effective research and for import into any case management or trial presentation software.

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