Legal Videography and Synchronization

When you book a legal video service with Beovich, Walter & Friend, that service includes video synchronization. This is the process of linking up a court reporter’s transcript of the legal proceedings with said proceedings’ legal video so that the transcript appears as captions on the screen. Synchronization of the transcript and video allows for:

  • Quick research of the deposition progress
  • Keyword searches for fast-forwarding or rewind/cuing
  • Playback options for future exhibits/courtroom viewing
  • Export of specific video clips to a format of the client’s choice (DVD, CD or MPEG)

Multimedia Presentations and Your Trial

Multimedia presentations can make a strong case even more solid. It allows the judge, the jury, and/or other presiding legal professionals more than one outlet for information retention. Synchronization allows attorneys another option for presenting their case. Side-by-side viewing and presentation makes for a more effective and memorable case!


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