Remote VS In-Person Depositions

Depositions are not legally necessary, but they are a step that can only benefit an attorney. Legal professionals host a deposition to to gather a complete profile of facts and testimonies for their case. Their court reporter records all questions and answers and put them in an easy-to-navigate transcript that attorneys then use for analysis.

Usually, depositions occur in a meeting space. With our current global health crisis, however, large meetings are advised against. But even from the safety of their homes, attorneys can host a deposition via videoconference. Remote depositions are used in the same way as in-person depositions, but there are some key differences to keep in mind between the two.

Prepare for Remote Depositions

  • Inform everyone involved (witnesses and opposing counsel) that you would like to conduct a remote deposition.
  • Share any and all documents and exhibits with all parties (including your court reporter).
  • Make sure you have a functioning external webcam and microphone, or use a device with built-in webcam and microphone.
  • Wear professional clothing and make sure your background is professional.
  • Limit background noise.
  • Do not speak over another person, and speak slowly and clearly to ensure you are heard.

Prepare for In-Person Depositions

  • Schedule your meeting space ahead of time.
  • Reserve your equipment ahead of time.
  • Take into account travel time and expenses.
  • Arrive at the meeting space on time.
  • Make sure any audio and video equipment works properly.
  • Dress for court.

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